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Access To The T-Mobiles Fastest 4G & 5G Network

A woman sitting in front of her RV using RV-4G internet on her laptop Unlock Daily Adventures with Secure, High-Speed Wireless plans as low as $2.90! 


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1. Check Coverage

It's very important to make sure you're properly covered so you have the best data experience possible, if you have any questions about the coverage map join us on chat for help.

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2. Purchase a Device

We do not sell 4G hardware but we have taken out some of the hard work and listed the top compatible hardware used by our customers in the Equipment section under 4G Routers/ Hotspots.

RV-4G SIM card

3. Purchase Starter

Simply go to data plans and purchase the SIM card and a plan that fits so you can experience the speed and reliability of our service for a reduced price. When the trial is over simply continue with a monthly plan.

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4. Activate SIM Card

Please purchase your hardware and plan at the same time so all of your equipment arrives at once, 2-3 days on average. Once you receive everything just go to our Activation page and fill in the form!

RV-4G SIM Card Only - Not Unlimited -
RV-4G SIM Card Only - Not Unlimited -

RV-4G SIM Card Only - Not Unlimited

  • Get your SIM card today and buy a plan later when you need it.
  • Triple Cut SIM Card.
  • Contains all three sizes, nano, micro, and standard.
  • RV-4G SIM cards only work on the RV-4G Non-Unlimited Network.
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