Starter Plan - SIM Card + 2GB for 30 Days -

Starter Plan - SIM Card + 2GB for 30 Days

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    • Plan Coverage Map - CLICK HERE
    • 4G router not included - BUY a 4G ROUTER HERE
    • Includes SIM card
    • 30 Days of 4G/LTE 2Gb High-Speed Service
    • First-time customers only
    • If you are interested in starting a second service plan you must create a second user login with a different email address to purchase that plan, we do not support two service plans on one user account at this time.

    Customer Reviews

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    Jared Markris


    Jessica Schirmer
    Simple, easy but issues with service

    The company had a very simple process and everything was organized and easy to get running! My only complaint is the pink service will often drop signal. My mofi and antenna will have 4-5 bar signal but the actual internet just drops for a few minutes and then comes back on. This has nothing to do with RV-4G so no complaints with them. This seems to be. T mobile issue. Wish they offered different plan options.

    Anonymous (Cordova, TN)
    Absolutely incredible

    Just as the title states, my mind is blown! Got the MoFi 4500 and the pink plan to go in my RV, as my job went remote. Plugged it in, band locked to the highest strength signal, and have 30 down, 10 up with 67ms (ping) instantly! Will absolutely be extending my service.

    David Cummings (Broomfield, CO)
    Would like a little more time

    Hello - I have been pretty impressed so far with the plan, customer service and the hardware I got. We just got our first camper about 3 weeks ago and its kind of bad timing with so many places already booked up. I have been able to try it once so far and it worked amazing. We have another trip mid-August but my trial plan will expire right when I leave. I also don't know if there is good signal where I am going. May have to let the plan expire until I'm ready to camp more but excited to see what I can do with this.

    Richard Ansley (Seattle, WA)
    Works great

    After being disappointed with another provider using T-Moble. I decided to use RV-4G. My connection is great, not being throttled back. Streaming video was my purpose to use this service, so far I am pleased.