Purchasing your own equipment is the first thing you need to get out of the way to get started with mobile cellular internet whether you use RV-4G.com or any other provider that device is cross compatible with.

4G Routers

All of the mobile/ home routers you see below are compatible with RV-4G service and are a wonderful way to get your vehicle or home up and running if you have moderate to good reception in your area. To extend the capabilities these 4G routers its simple to find and buy external antennas that fit your mission profile, to improve your signal strength and to ultimately get faster data transfer speeds. All of the routers shown below are 12 volt compatible and have SMA antenna connectors which means they will all work with the antennas listed in the sections below.

4G Hotspots

When you are on the go and don't have standard place to plug in your router/ modem, hotspots are a favorite choice for people who need their own private internet connection on demand. Hotspots have there own battery and give you several hours of wireless internet. Hotspots are best suited for in city use, for camping or heavy traveling we recommend using a 4G router listed above.

4G Modems

If you already have a home router and just need to make a connection to the cellular network, 4G Modems do not have WIFI and must be connected to your home router via a network cable to work.

Directional Antenna Kit

Our directional antenna kit has been selected to use with our 4G routers above, there will be some installation required to get it right but if you already have a 4G modem and are on the fringe edges of connectivity then this kit is a good way to improve your signal.

Omni-Directional Antennas

These popular omni-directional antennas work with our recommended 4G routers above and will enable you to enhance your connectivity when you are in low to moderate signal conditions. The first one the Panorama is a good place to start if you don't want to bother with more complex mounting schemes, if has feet that pop out on the bottom so you can sit it on a desk, it also has a suction cup mount so you can place it in a window (recommended). All of the other antennas are meant to be externally mounted on the outside of your vehicle or home.

Mobile Security

Now that you have mobile/ home wireless you can take advantage of several different video security options, here are a few we recommend.

We do not provide technical support for hardware such as routers / hotspots, we may offer tips and tricks to help point you in the right direction but please refer to the manufacture or distributor of your hardware for more detailed support. We can only guarantee compatibility of our service with hardware listed on this page, to qualify for a refund during your trial you must be using a device listed above.