START HERE  - 30 Day Starter Plan -
START HERE  - 30 Day Starter Plan -

START HERE - 30 Day Starter Plan

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    • $55 30-Day Starter Plan + $20 One-time Activation Fee = $75
    • Plan Coverage Map - CLICK HERE
    • 4G router not included - BUY a 4G ROUTER HERE
    • Includes SIM card
    • 30 Days of 4G/LTE Unlimited High-Speed Service
    • First-time customers only
    • No Data Caps
    • If you use our service with a device not listed on our equipment page you may not be eligible for a refund during the 30-Day trial.
    • If you are interested in starting a second service plan you must create a second user login with a different email address to purchase that plan, we do not support two service plans on one user account at this time.
    • PINK PLAN does not work with the Netgear Nighthawk Hotspot

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 58 reviews
    BP (Hudson, FL)
    Great solution for a Fulltime RV’er

    Desperate for Internet Solution, we are parried in FL without any connection at all!!! We purchased a 30 day trial and could not be happier! We will be extending the membership.

    BRADLEY SICARI (Loxahatchee Groves, FL)
    Internet on the go

    Works great with our winegard

    Kevin Evans (Jackson, MI)
    i have internet now

    its great we have internet were we couldnt get it in the past.. just got to love it thanks so much

    James Stevens (Chicago, IL)
    Wonderful Service

    My brother in law suggested this service to us. Our driveway is 1000 feet long which knocks us out of any cable or local internet service, but NOW with RV-4G that is no longer an issue and performs and gives us Top Notch Service. Still on the 30 Day Trial, but after the last 16 Days, we will Keep this Service. Thanks again for a wonderful service to those of us that needs it!

    Richard D (Mountain Home, AR)
    So far so good

    Consistent signal with up to 140Mbs averaging 90Mbs
    The tech support was very helpful and I was up and running within 2 hours. They even refunded an additional account when it was discovered t-mobile no longer works with cat-18 modem.